Advanced Volunteering Activities

We also offer advanced volunteering programs wherein the volunteers can assist in solving specific issues that would have a deep, long lasting impact on the community. These programs require greater commitment than the regular volunteering programs because the advanced volunteering programs are geared at solving some of the most complex issues facing the local communities. These issues comprise farm and non-farm development, rehabilitation for the differently-abled, environmental protection and natural resource management, drug & alcohol prevention and rehabilitation, women empowerment, governance efficiency improvement, NGO efficiency improvement, education capacity building and healthcare capacity building.  Details of the various advanced volunteering programs are provided in links below.

  • Advanced Healthcare Program
  • Art & Culture Preservation and Promotion Program
  • Drug & Alcohol Prevention and Rehab Program
  • Environmental & Natural Resource Management Program
  • Farm Sector Development Program
  • Governance and NGO Support
  • Non-Farm and Service Sector Development Program
  • Recycled products development program
  • Rehabilitation program for the Differently-abled
  • Social Research Program
  • Specialized Training