Advanced Healthcare Program

Our advanced healthcare program is aimed at enhancing the healthcare capacity of local health organizations and institutions. This program is most suited for nurses, health workers, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, dentists, general physicians, obstetricians, ophthalmologists. We also welcome dental, medical and nursing students as well as personnel having done First-Aid-Courses. This program is also open to IT professionals who may wish to leverage technology to improve the delivery and diagnosis of healthcare. Areas where volunteers can bring value are listed below.

  • Volunteers may work under the supervision of local doctors & staff and assist in proactive health diagnosis, such as, eye check up, dental check up, respiratory checkup, haemoglobin check up.
  • Volunteers may assist in the Out Patients Department (OPD) of local hospitals
  • Volunteers may assist in antenatal check ups
  • Volunteers may assist in immunizations to children 0-5 years
  • Volunteers may assist in Pulse Polio immunization
  • Volunteers may assist in family planning interventions
  • Volunteers can train mid wives, nurses and other healthcare personnel on improving their skills and knowledge
  • Volunteers may organize anaemia check-up camp for girls
  • Volunteers may conduct awareness programs on breast self examination, Type-II diabetes Mellitus and hypertension
  • Volunteers may assist in the diagnosis of Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar level
  • Volunteers may participate in Drug, Alcohol and HIV/AIDS prevention programs.
  • Volunteers may contribute to Alcohol Abuse Awareness program (which helps alcoholics quit drinking through the Sinclair Method) by publicizing the method of treatment as widely as possible
  • Volunteers may design mobile-based healthcare solutions in areas of maternal healthcare, nutritional guidance, health counseling.
  • Volunteers may design software applications for improving the detection and prevention of epidemics
  • Volunteers may design telemedicine solutions for remote villages
  • Volunteers may design healthcare information systems for tracking the healthcare records of local community and improving healthcare delivery by leveraging this information

This program will give you an opportunity to work with physicians, administrators, support staff, patients, and families to improve morale and quality of life for countless individuals.