Drug & Alcohol Prevention and Rehab Program

Drug and alcohol addiction is an important issue facing the communities in North India. Our sister concern Gunjan Organization for Community Development is a reputed Government of India designated NGO offering community based intervention services for prevention and cure of Drug and alcohol addiction. Gunjan also helps to build the capacity of the organizations working in the field of Drug/Alcohol prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in the states of Himachal Pradesh. We feel that volunteers can bring significant value to Gunjan by:

  • Assisting Gunjan in educating the communities on new trends of abused drugs, medical and psychiatric problems, and new medicines and methodologies available for treatment of addiction
  • Assisting Gunjan in providing effective drug treatment services that will help in changing attitude, consciousness and behavior of addicts
  • Assisting Gunjan in providing psychosocial support to HIV/AIDS patients, through sustained counseling
  • Educating high risk populations on ways to prevent HIV/AIDS
  • Assisting in community-based primary prevention of Drug and HIV/AIDS by counseling young people, their parents and their teachers, urging them to talk about drugs to the young people.
  • Assisting Gunjan in building capacity of other organizations in the field of Drug/Alcohol prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.