Environmental Sustainability Volunteering


Environmental sustainability of the Himalayas and our planet, in general, is one of the most critical challenges of our times. Volunteers in this program contribute towards the environmental sustainability of the himalayan ecosystem in the Dharamsala region, by:

  • Assisting local govt. bodies and NGOs in cleaning the mountains of plastic/non degradable waste
  • Creating and implementing environmental protection campaigns
  • Canvassing on the importance of environment protection
  • Assisting in the cleaning of local rivers, tributaries
  • Contributing towards afforestation initiatives

Afforestation initiatives may comprise:

  • Assisting in planting fruits such as Apple, Mango, Lichi, Apricots, Peaches, Cherries, Pears, Orange and Lemon trees
  • Assisting in planting trees such as Kunish, Poplar, Willow, Ohi, robinia, Drek, Kail, Chil Toon, Behmi, Chulli, walnut, Khirik, Deodar, Fir Spruce, Maple, Ash, BhojPatra, Horse Chestnut,Alder, Robinia
  • Assisting in planting flowers such as Gladiolus, Carnation Lilium, Marigold, Chrysanthemum