The everyday meal in Himachal Pradesh comprises rice, lentil broth, vegetables and chapati. Some of the himachali food dishes are shown on the right.

Traditional dishes are cooked on special occasions, local festivals and marriages, and comprise fermented recipes such as bhaturu, marchu, siddu, babru, seera and others like, ambua, khatti bhujji and khoru. Since our program is being run from Dharamsala (Kangra district) it makes sense to highlight the Kangra cuisine. The food of Kangra, like its culture, is homely, rich and  intense. There is a wide variety of foods in this region. The original innovators of food in the Kangra region were a community of Brahmin cooks called bawarchis or boti, commissioned to cook at weddings and special occasions. As per tradition, every village had a bawarchi, who at the end of the year, would be rewarded with a bagful of wheat. Over the years, the community has created a standard repertoire that can be made only at a function. The preparation for such meals begins a day before because a lot of it involves slow cooking over low heat, and elaborate preparations, while some others are wonderful in their simplicity. More importantly, there is a delicacy for every occasion, each boasting of a distinctive style of cooking to go with the extensive repertoire.

Amongst festive food, the traditional meal, Dham (Lunch served in traditional marriages of Himachal Pradesh) finds instant mention. Dham is prepared by botis who are Brahmin chefs and have been in this profession for generations. The utensils used for cooking the food are normally copper ones. The preparations for Dham begin a night before, and when ready, it is served in courses to people who sit on floor. Pattals or leaf plates are utilized to serve the food. And as for the dishes themselves, they include rice, Madra (Sepu badi/Mukund badi, Rajmah etc), Palda (a curd based dish or curry), mustard based raita, pulses and Meethe chawal (sweet rice).

Our food menu

We will provide you typical north Indian food. In addition, we can provide you Continental food, as well. However, we highly recommend Indian food since that will be something refreshing for you. Himachali and Kangra cuisine is also available upon request.