Governance and NGO Support

Both the public sector and the non-profit sector have an important role in enabling progress of any community. Therefore it is very important that these institutions are effective and efficient. To that end, this program helps to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the local government and the NGOs. Various ways in which volunteers can help are provided below.

  • Volunteers may assist Himachal Pradesh Administrative Reforms department in designing and building innovative eGovernance systems (new service introduction) and streamlining back-end eGovernance processes
  • Volunteers may also assist local government by giving ideas/recommendations for refining/improving public service/goods delivery, public goods creation (parks, sanitation, biogas etc) and any other ideas that can have a transformative impact on local communities. These ideas and recommendations are based on Volunteers’ survey/research of local communities.
  • Volunteers may build systems and processes for local NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to help them administer and deliver their services more effectively. For example, volunteers may assist in creating a Management Information System or a mobile application for an NGO or a CBO.