Himachali Traditional Marriage

Marriage is an important ceremony in Himachal. The parents are also the closer elders relatives begin to look around for suitable matches as soon as the child is old enough. Sometimes a middleman is used as a match-maker known as Roovary, Dhamu or Mazomi. He finds out the details about the social and financial standing of the family and the final decision is taken on the basis of the horoscopes.

When the match is settled the ritual gift called Tika is sent. The groom and his family are invited to tea. On this occasion ritual songs are sung and sweets are distributed. In the tribal areas both the parties exchange Chhang (rice wine) and close relatives are invited to participate in the ceremony.

The date for the wedding is set in consultation with the priest. In some places the permission of the deities is also sought. Customarily all the preparations for the wedding are to be kept a secret from the bride.