Recycled Products Development Program

Rapid industrialization in last few decades has led to creation of large amounts of industrial waste. Increasing globalization has further increased the use packaging and other synthetic materials leading to creation of huge volumes of plastic waste. While the use of plastic bags has been successfully banned in Himachal Pradesh and ban on the use of plastic disposables – cups, plates and glasses - is being considered, there is still a big challenge and opportunity to utilize the non-biodegradable waste for creating new products of commercial value. Creating recycled products would not only be good for the environment but also create livelihood for local communities who have the capability to create such products.

Himachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board constructed a stretch of road of approximately 800 meters by using approximately 530 Kg of shredded plastic waste between Tutu-Jubbar Hatti airport in collaboration with Public Works Department and Municipal Corporation. Waste plastic such as carry bags, disposable cups, and thermocoles, laminated plastics like pouches of chips, pan masala, aluminium foil, and packaging material used for biscuits, chocolates, milk, grocery etc was used in the construction of the road.

Recently, a Brazilian biologist and environmental educator Tatiana Brisolla stayed at Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh to educate the local village women about the utility of the plastic bottles to make furniture, brooms and decoration products. The women have now acquired specialization in making different kinds of bags, coasters, waterproof satchels, raincoats and embroidery products.