Sports Development


Relevance of sports in the holistic development of a child’s character, personality and physical health cannot be overestimated. Participation in sports helps children to ingrain qualities such as team spirit, self-belief, humility, focus and discipline and also helps to channelize their restless energy, productively. Given the limited budgets of government schools in the rural areas, physical education and sports is on the lowest priority in a school’s curriculum. Concept of sports coaching is almost non-existent among rural schools. This program helps to fill the gap in sports development at school level. The program ensures that the female students participate as much as the males, in sports activities. We think that this would help females build self-esteem besides giving them physical exercise.

Apart from this, the program also promotes sports among the youth who either dropped out of school or require drug/alcohol de addiction or those who could never go to school due to family problems. We believe that engaging such youth in sports activities would help them channelize their energies constructively and bring them back on track to leading their lives productively.

As a volunteer, you will be engaged in:

  • Training drills for school students to help build stamina and sports skills
  • Coaching the youth on various sports (football, volleyball, athletics, badminton, cricket)
  • Arranging inter-school/community competitions & tournaments for school students and youths
  • Promoting sports such as Volleyball, Badminton, Football and Cricket among boys and girls